About Me

My name is Maxim, I am a part-time blogger and the owner of the Funky Smoothies blog, where I really love writing about smoothies, juice, coffee, and tea. On my blog, you will find solutions to all the common problems that people have with these drinks.

I started this blog because I was always looking for delicious recipes on how to make different types of smoothies and juices at home.

In addition to that, I wanted a place where people could find an answer to their struggles with these beverages and share my own creations too! There are also articles about other beverages like different coffee types or tea which is why it’s called Funky Smoothies!

I am a smoothie and juice enthusiast. I have been drinking them for years now, but only in the last 2 have I really gotten into juicing.

My blog is all about sharing my favorite recipes with you, and provide a solution to all your problems! You will find tons of information on how to make a great smoothie or juice as well as some awesome coffee and tea ideas!

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I am a person with a dream to help people. I hope this blog will benefit you and your family someday!

Feel free to contact me!